LLC "Santa Impex" is transport services

LLC "Santa Impex" is transport services

 LLC "Santa Impex"was founded in 1993.

The company employs about 1,750 people.

The main activities are wholesale, transportation, construction and engineering.

The company is engaged in wholesale trade in the following categories: fish and seafood, canned fish, semi-finished products, salads, ice cream, frozen vegetables and berries, desserts, bakery products, water and drinks.

"Santa Impex" has 7 branches located in all regional centers of Belarus.

The vehicle fleet of the company consists of 300 units of large and small tonnage vehicles. Cargo transportation is carried out all over Belarus and fully covers the needs of the company’s branch network. Using its own trucks, the company also delivers its products to distributors and partners in the CIS countries, near and far abroad.


LLC “Santa Impex”

Yanka Kupala str., 1-1,

224704, Brest, Belarus

+375 162 29 91 09