The unitary enterprise "Savushkin-Luch"

The unitary enterprise "Savushkin-Luch"

The unitary enterprise "Savushkin-Luch" is a representative of agricultural activities of "Santa" group of companies.

In 2005, the republican agricultural company "Breeding plant "Luch" became part of "Berezovsky Cheesemaking Plant" as its branch, and on April 1, 2019, the company was reorganized into the agricultural unitary enterprise ‘Savushkin-Luch’.

"Savushkin-Luch" is an efficiently operating agricultural enterprise, rapidly developing in the meat and dairy sector. It specializes in milk production, in grain and rapeseed production, cultivation of sugar beets, potatoes and fodder conservation.

The total land area is more than 9650 ha including 7792 ha of agricultural lands.

The company employs more than 320 people.


Sovetskaja str. 80, Bereza

Brest region, Republic of Belarus

+375 1643 228 12