"Savushkina Pushcha" JSC

"Savushkina Pushcha" JSC

The agricultural enterprise "Savushkina Pushcha" is a representative of agricultural activities of "Santa" group of companies.

In 2016, "Kalenkovichi" JSC was merged with "Savushkin Product" JSC. In 2017 it was renamed "Savushkina Pushcha" JSC. On November 1, 2018 "Khodosy" JSC became part of "Savushkina Pushcha" JSC.

"Savushkina Pushcha" JSC is one of the leading agricultural enterprises in Brest region. The company shows rapid growth in effective development due to applying the latest technologies in livestock and crop production, modernization of dairy farms and equipment.

The total land area of ??the enterprise exceeds 11105 ha, including 7510 ha of agricultural lands.

"Savushkina Pushcha" JSC employs more than 440 people.


5 Molodezhnaya str., Kalenkovichi,

Brest region, Republic of Belarus

+375 1631 33 132