We are united by the idea of ??benefiting people
We share common values
We provide great opportunities for self-realization and corporative growth

"My father, Mikhail Moshensky, established a company in which he wanted to unlock his own potential and create something beneficial for others. He brought together a group of people who shared same ideas, and gradually we achieved significant success.

Today, group of companies "Santa" employs more than 30 thousand people of various professions. But we all share common values ​​- responsibility, commitment and goodwill".

Alexander Moshensky,

Group of companies

Group of companies "Santa" is a vertically integrated holding, founded in 1993. Today it comprises more than 30 companies, including raw materials suppliers, finished products producers, distribution and logistics units, retail chain of supermarkets, restaurant and hotel business, development business, fishing and agriculture.
Over 30290
Sales in 41 countries
9 production
sites in Belarus and Russia
Over 30 companies
in the holding
Over 30 years
on the market

Our companies

Holding management company determines strategic goals, coordinates the activities of its enterprises and establishes interaction, ensuring synergy between subsidiaries.
"Savushkin product" JSC is the leader of dairy industry in Belarus and one of the largest manufacturers of natural dairy products in the Eastern European region. Its brands are well-known and recognized not only in Belarus but far beyond the country.
JV "Santa Bremor" LLC produces over 1000 items of food products in 13 categories in 4 main areas: fish and seafood, ice-cream, semi-finished products and salads. The production is sold in 45 countries worldwide.
"Santa Retail" LLC (retail chain of "Santa" supermarkets) is a large national chain of stores in all regions of Belarus. Totally there’re more than 300 stores. The company employs more than 13800 people.
LLC "Santa Impex" is an official representative of JV "Santa Bremor" LLC and the biggest distributor and importer of food products in the Republic of Belarus. The company also provides international cargo transportation, construction and engineering services.
"Santa Rest" is the hotel and restaurant business of group of companies “Santa”. The company operates hotels, cafes and restaurants in Brest. Each of them is unique in its cuisine, atmosphere, interior and history.
"Santa-Service" company successfully sells and rents office, retail and warehouse space. In addition, many development and reconstruction projects have been implemented.
"Santa Holod" is a logistics unit of Santa group of companies. The company provides rental and management services for non-residential commercial premises: warehouses, offices and cold stores.