Leading brands

Brands of the group of companies "Santa" are highly recognized by consumers. Brands such as Savushkin, Santa Bremor, Brest-Litovsk, Matjes, YUKKI, Russian Sea, TEOS, Optimal, Granny Annie, Superkid, Laskovoe leto, Soletto are well-known not only to the citizens of Belarus, but also far beyond the country. 

The companies’ products got more than 800 winning awards of national and international competitions, such as Brand of the Year, Product of the Year, Superior Taste Award, Crystal Award and others.

Food products brands

«Savushkin» Always from fresh milk
Savushkin – natural dairy products.
Santa Bremor
«Santa Bremor» It’s delicious
Fish products of excellent taste. More pleasure from life!
«Brest-Litovsk» Noble product
Brest-Litovsk - a special taste based on old recipes.
«Maties» Perfectly simple
Herring of excellent taste, caught in pure Atlantic waters.
YUKKI - ice-cream for those, who cherish the present.
Russian Sea
«Russian Sea» With appetite to life
Best fish products created for people with an appetite to life.
«TEOS» Most delicious things for you
TEOS - a perfect Greek yogurt made from natural ingredients and containing twice more protein than classic yoghurts.
«Optimal» Optimal solution for digestion!
Optimal is a line of yogurts enriched with bifidobacteria that care for healthy digestion and give a feeling of inner comfort to you, your family and friends.
Granny Annie
«Granny Annie» It all starts with care
Granny Annie is high-quality products prepared according to home recipes, with love and care for the dearest ones.
«SuperKid» Discovery! For growth and development
Superkid is a line of milk desserts made of natural ingredients only, additionally enriched with calcium and vitamin D for a healthy diet and development of children from the age of 3.
«Soletto» Enjoy the taste
Enjoy the taste – enjoy the life.
«Berezka» In harmony with nature
Berezka - products that many people love and appreciate for good quality and taste.
Сheese from Aleksandria
«Сheese from Aleksandria»
Сheese from Aleksandria  -  it is a creative and responsible approach to the production process and attention to each batch as in jewelry processing.  
«Apeti» It’s delicious
Apeti - milk desserts with a refined creamy taste and delicate texture for your pleasure.
«TOP» Cheer up!
TOP – ice cream that makes you feel better.
«SVEŽA» Fresh and tasty
We saved the freshness of SVE?A cheeses to give you inspiring ideas, exciting discoveries and bright emotions.
Laskovoe leto
«Laskovoe leto» Simple joys of life
Samoe vremia
«Samoe vremia»
Samoe vremia is a line of salads, a convenient and tasty solution for those who want to manage everything. The optimal solution for a delicious snack.

Brands of service sector

"Santa" is a large national chain of stores which is presented in all regions of Belarus.
Times cafe
«Times cafe»
A modern city cafe on the main pedestrian street of Brest. The ideal place for  breakfasts, business lunches and vibrant dinners.
Chalet Greenwood
«Chalet Greenwood»
"Chalet Greenwood" is located on the shores of Beloje Lake, 35 km from Brest in a resort area in the middle of a pine forest. It includes a Scandinavian-style eco-friendly hotel, an open-view kitchen, a cozy lounge, a comfortable sauna complex with a Russian wet bath and hammam, a modern conference room and a sandy beach by the lake.
Jules Verne
«Jules Verne»
One of the best restaurants in Brest according to All details of the interior and the restaurant’s menu emphasize the spirit of travelling and adventures of Jules Verne  novels.
Traktir u ozera
«Traktir u ozera»
Founded in 1906 the restaurant continues to offer various dishes of national cuisine. Its varied menu, authentic interior and location in the central park make this place one of the most popular restaurants in the city.
PaPi is a cafe pizzeria famous for its Italian home cuisine, cozy interior and friendly atmosphere. It’s a perfect place to spend with your family or friends. You can take part in culinary master classes from the Chef.
This cosy cafe in the city center offers dishes of national and European cuisines. It’s ideal for small celebrations and corporate parties.

The hotel is located in the center of the city close to the railway and bus stations, the central park, the main pedestrian street in Brest and the Brest fortress.
It offers 39 comfortable rooms.